Verona is one of the oldest and the most beautiful Italian cities. That City is located in the wonderful neighborhood (the river, steep hills, Garda Lake, and Alps in the background). There are a lot of monuments with fantastic townscape. The city has University too, Higher Music School, a lot of museums, libraries. It?s a big centre of culture. The city?s tourist infrastructure is developing very fast. Courtesy and warm-hearted of Veronese inhabitants and wonderful preparation attract more tourist with every year. But the most popular attraction in Verona is fact that that city is connect with Romeo?s and Juliet?s tragic love story. Thanks story with is being written by Shakespeare Verona is called THE CITY OF ROMEO AND JULIET.

Romeo and Juliet, a tragic love story

Juliet?s house and the legendary balcony Bronze monument of Juliet (N. Constantini) and famous Juliet?s balcony. The story wrote by Shakespeare goes with atmosphere of mediaeval Verona. There is concrete, tangible reference that there could live those two persons. One of that is Julia?s home located on Capellostreet. That building has been built in XIII century. The urban myths say that there lived La Familial Capulet. On the walls of home is a plate with verse in Italian and English inscription.
The super Romanesque façade of San Zero and the imposing structure of Sant? Anastasia, gem of Veronese Gothic.

The Basilica of Sant Zeno has one of the most harmonious facades that epoch. Central accent of that facade is big circular window with stone sticks and ornamental relics. With show us the symbols of mediaeval fortune. On slabs with are located on basilica?s door are also carved scenes from the Old and New Testament.
The Arena

The Veronese amphitheatre with is know like ARENA is the oldest and the biggest monument of that city. It stand up probably in second century and at first was located outside city. Building?s shape is circle. It?s preserve wonderful.
The Arch of the Gavii.

The Arch of the Gavii have been built in 1930 on square with is located near Adyga river. Originally it was located in the middle of the most crowded street in Verona near Clock Tower, but in 1705 had been destroyed by Frenchmen.
Patroni della Bra

We have to pass Arches to get into Piazza Bra, Veronese square. It?s a part of defense walls with have been built in XIV century.
Piazza Bra

It?s the biggest and monumental square in all Italy. We have to pass Patroni della Bra to get there. The centre of that square decorates big monument of Victor Emanuel II and the new one monument of guerrilla. There are also monuments like Palazzo Della Gran Guardi, Palazzo Barbieri and Arena of course.
The Ponte Pietra and the guard tower.

The stones Bridge with is from Roman epoch is located on Adyga river. At first the name of that bridge was Pons Marmora?s. Near the bridge there is located guard tower. It looks picturesque.