FALKOPING: 16.10-21.10.2008

Between 16th-21st October 2008 there was a visit to Falkoping, Sweden we all participated in a meeting with other students and teachers from Germany and Italy. The host country was Sweden, which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

The teachers that took part in this exchange were: Monika Czepukojć (Maths & IT) Krzysztof Bartoszyński (History, Civic Studies), Beata Trapnell (English). The students were: Żaneta Gościej, Dorota Wierzbicka and Wojciech Osłowski.

The students and teachers took part in different activities prepared for us all by the Swedes. We discussed GENDER ISSUES, THE CHALLENGES OF COMING OF AGE and THE SITUATION OF HOMESEXUALS in all countries. We had a chance to get to know attitudes of other nations and it gave us a chance to understand each other better.

Another important point of our trip was to continue the project: FROM THE FIELD ONTO THE TABLE. The Swedish delegates showed us multimedia presentations on Dairy Products. It was fascinating to find out how dairy products are manufactures, how the cows are kept and bred and what technologies are used in the production of dairies.

We also thought about the future meeting in Torun and we decided to prepare presentations on the following topics:
a) We, the citizens of Europe: do you see yourself as a EU citizen or would you rather keep your political/social/regional identity?
b) The attitude of the young towards current issues such as smoking and taking drugs (each country’s law and regulations versus the EU directives).

It was an excellent stay – we thoroughly enjoyed Swedish hospitality, friendship and hope to see everybody soon in Torun.

Beata Trapnell
Monika Czepukojć
Krzysztof Bartoszyński
Żaneta Gościej
Dorota Wierzbicka
Wojciech Osłowski.