I enjoyed the student exchange very much. I had a chance to learn about the culture of other countries. We spent a very nice time visiting our beautiful city and talking to each other. I liked it when the students from all partner schools presented their ways of life and learning . I was very impressed with the educational system in Sweden. I can't wait to visit Verona next year!!!!

Dobrawa Kisielewicz

I think that the exchange was great! We got on well with each other. We hosted Germans, Italians and Swedes and we had no difficulty making ourselves understood. I find this type of exchange better than the project which involves only two partnership schools. Everybody has a different culture, habits and customs. This was a really fantastic experience for us. I liked the meeting with the president of Torun, the tour of our city and the conference at which we learnt a lot about German, Italian and Swedish education. I think that education in Sweden is the best! I heard that it's very probable that my class and I will go on exchange to Italy. It would be the best thing ever! We miss our inbound friends and I hope we will meet them soon. I can't wait to see them again. I really like them!

Patrycja Jezierska

I think the exchange was a fantastic experience! I really liked it. It was great! People were friendly and kind. The presentations about the partnership countries were very interesting. So were the excursions. I can't wait to visit Verona...

Magda Kochanowska

Hmmm... I must say that I have a very positive recollection of the exchange. Hulda, the girl that my family hosted, was nice and she spoke English so well. Now I know that speaking English all the time can be a challenge, but that was a funny thing too. I also learnt something about Sweden and Hulda.This is cool thing that people travel to other countries and learn a language talking to nice people. I'm glad that I’m a part of the project!

Szymon Basiul

It was a wonderful time. We met very nice people and we could check and brush up on our English. We spent magnificent five days. We learnt about other cultures and customs.We toured our city and spent evenings together. We hope that in the future we will meet them again. :)

Karolina Piórkowska and Paula Rembeza

The exchange in Poland was a very good experience for me because I learnt a lot about Sara's country (Sweden). My English is better than earlier and I met fanastic people from many countries. I am in touch with the people from Sweden and Italy over MSN Messenger. I hope our friendship will last long. Probably Sara and Hulda will come to Poland again so I might meet them soon. My special thanks go out to the people coordinating the exchange. It was a very very nice time:)

Mateusz Kuligowski

I’m so glad that I took part in the exchange, because it was great fun. I met so incredibly nice people, I was delighted to spend time with them. I also found out a little about their countries and customs, which was so interesting. It’s a pity that we spent together only several days, because day by day I was becoming attached to all those people and I was sad when they had to leave Toruń. I hope that we’ll be in touch. I will never forget the exchange. Hugs&kisses for everybody!

Dominika Ryba